1. Disclaimer of Lawyer-Client Relationship

The application E-Stamp is neither a law firm nor an agent of any lawyer and does not provide any legal advice.
The use of the services of the application by you does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and application.
Also, the advice given by any of the team member of application cannot be considered as a Legal advice.


2. Not a Legal Advice

The information contained in the application should not be considered as a legal advice. Information provided is to guide only.
The information provided in the FAQs section also should not be considered as a legal advice.
These are commonly asked queries and queries related to Property related matter, Stamp paper, Rental Agreement, Name Change Service, Affidavit and other documents.
Users are advised to consult Official Authorities if they need specialized and proper guidance on any of these documents.


3. Fees

E-Stamp application provides its services with nominal fees for each document which may vary from time to time.
By availing the Service or any portion of it, you agree to pay the fees whether full fees for that service.


4. Submissions/Approval

If you approved the documents sent to you for your approval, than you agree that no further changes/modifications will be entertained.
Any comments, questions, suggestions, feedback, or information provided by you about the service of our application are submissions made by you.
E-stamp application shall have all the right to use your submissions for their promotion, marketing or advertisement.
E-stamp application may also remove any of your submissions and is not under any obligation to post your submission.


5. Privacy

E-stamp application believes strongly in protecting user privacy.
Please refer to E-stamp application privacy policy, incorporated by reference herein, which is posted on the application.


6. Agreement to be Bound

By using this application or availing Services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement and all terms and conditions on this application.


7.Cancellation and Refund Policy

We knows the importance of money. We value your hard-earned money and appreciate your trust in us.
We provide upfront policy of payment for the Orders placed for Legal Services and/or other.
After placing an order no return, refund and replacement.